Searching for Sasquatch

Bob Gimlin shares a friendly conversation with Chelsey Dickson, one of the organizers of Willow Creek’s famed Bigfoot Days Celebration. The Bigfoot Festival on Saturday, April 29 mimicked the annual Bigfoot Days Celebration that is held every Labor Day weekend. Dickson also helped coordinate events at last weekend’s festival./Photos by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune. Bigfoot hunters, trackers, researchers and enthusiasts convened in Willow Creek on Saturday, April 29, to revel in all things Bigfoot alongside the cast and crew from Finding Bigfoot, a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet. Read More →

Chamber of Commerce to Tackle Taste of Willow Creek

The Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce announced it will take charge of the popular Taste of Willow Creek event promoting local artists, winemakers, farmers, and craftspeople, starting in 2014. Read More →

Willow Creek Eyeing Long Term Campgrounds and Designated Spot for Day Laborers

The pews in the Church of the Nazarene were filled to capacity with Willow Creek community members. Others stood in the back of the room and in the hallway on Thursday, May 16. It was the first town-hall-style community meeting hosted by the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce to discuss solutions to problems caused by outdoor marijuana grows and transients camped in town. Read More →

‘Cherry Pits’ and Oysters

cherrypitsMembers of Team 'Cherry Pits' (L-R) Clinton Strous, Jordan Caya, Katy James, and Molly O'Gorman, and Susan O'Gorman enjoy scrumptious oysters and a laugh during the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce Bocce Ball Tournament, held at Winnet Vineyards in Willow Creek on Saturday. The Cherry Pits took home consolation. / Photo by Shelly Middleton, Two […] Read More →