Surveillance and Sewage

The Willow Creek Community Services District Board of Directors met for their regular meeting last Thursday. They discussed the process to gain permission to install surveillance cameras throughout downtown Willow Creek. The next WCCSD meeting will be held on December 18 at 8 am./Photo by Bill Vassilakis, TRT contributing writer.The board then turned its attention to the meat of the meeting: Unfinished Business, in the shape of 1) a plan recently taking shape to install a system of surveillance cameras downtown, and 2) an engineering report on a wastewater system that’s been in the works for years. Though the hired consulting engineers were eager to tell their septic system story and be on their way, the meeting’s attention would first linger on the camera plan, which had finally found a forthright critic. Read More →

Sheriff Downey: Law Enforcement Coverage Comes With a Price Tag

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey and 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg were in Willow Creek on Thursday, March 27, to let residents know that law enforcement coverage won’t be increasing before 2017. Downey told the audience the economic downturn combined with an unexpectedly slow recovery had forced cuts in law enforcement coverage. Read More →

Humboldt County Cuts Patrols During Willow Creek Crime Wave

Residents said the small Eastern Humboldt County town is in the midst of a crime wave, citing at least two armed home invasions, several armed robberies, and at least one major burglary. The County is cutting back on law enforcement despite the increased levels of crime in the area. A single Sheriff’s Deputy will be on duty from 6 am to 6 pm. Read More →

WCCSD Votes to Support Electric Vehicle Plug-In Station in Willow Creek

The Willow Creek Community Service District (WCCSD) Board of Directors threw their support behind a plan to build an Electric Vehicle (EV) plug-in charging station downtown near the China Flat Museum. Read More →

WCCSD Weathers Burst Pipes and Frozen Tank During Snow Storm

Willow Creek Community Service District (WCCSD) Manager Lonnie Danel reported that cold weather over the past month led to pipe ruptures, control malfunctions, and much higher-than-usual water usage for the month of December. Read More →

WCCSD Honors Outgoing Directors Gower and Holmes

Directors Vonnie Gower and Tyler Holmes were honored with plaques and praise on Thursday, November 21, for their combined 30 years of service as part of the Willow Creek Community Services District (WCCSD). Read More →

Hoopa and Willow Creek Work Together to Protect Trinity River

Hoopa and Willow Creek draw their drinking water directly from the Trinity and its tributaries. Both towns are littered with hundreds of individual septic tank systems for homes and businesses. Read More →

Willow Creek Eyeing Long Term Campgrounds and Designated Spot for Day Laborers

The pews in the Church of the Nazarene were filled to capacity with Willow Creek community members. Others stood in the back of the room and in the hallway on Thursday, May 16. It was the first town-hall-style community meeting hosted by the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce to discuss solutions to problems caused by outdoor marijuana grows and transients camped in town. Read More →