VOICES: Four Initiatives Slated For The Hoopa Valley Tribes June Election

Its springtime and the towns and neighboring communities are bustling with life as former outlaw guerilla growers transition to gentlemen ( and gentlewomen) farmers. Much has changed in one year. This past year, the California legislature adopted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act. Humboldt County approved its own Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, recognizing the economic value of the industry to local communities, and to regulate it to reduce environmental harms. Read More →

VOICES: How Well Am I Driving? Opinion by Joseph Orozco

How well am I driving? Have you ever seen that bumper sticker on big rigs? Have you ever called the number? Would you join a group of local community people to give feedback to KIDE? Then join the CAB? What is a Community Advisory Board? Read More →