Positive Brush Strokes

Bullying takes on different forms; one of them is through graffiti on public walls. The graffiti is hurtful without the target even seeing what’s written personally, as it spreads like wildfire throughout the high school population. Graffiti isn’t always about bullying, it can also be an artistic expression; however, most graffiti at school on the locker room lockers, stalls, and walls is not usually pretty—in fact, it can be downright embarrassing. Read More →

Going ‘Nuts’

Redbud Theatre  presents the final showings of Academia Nuts on Nov. 11 and 12.  Pictured here is the cast hoping to find literary treasure inside the hollow door; from left to right they are  Libby Pinto, Vicki Kurtz, Roland Grubb, and Brian Bottemiller. Redbud Theatre is located next to the Trinity River in the former […] Read More →