Ideas Spawned in the Classroom

It’s that time of the year again. You know spring is in the air when AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project interns begin moving from class to class, teaching students about the watersheds they live in and the organisms they share it with. The watershed education curriculum, known as “Real Science”, takes place over a 6 week period and covers topics ranging from watershed scale stewardship practices to riparian conditions that affect the salmon life cycle. The Real Science program is an effort that is supported by the US Forest Service, AmeriCorps, and the Klamath-Trinity Join Unified School District. Read More →

Klamath River Advocates Continue to Fight Scott River Water Woes

Fall salmon circled in large numbers at the mouth of the Scott River where it reached the Klamath earlier in October. Like many recent years, Scott River water flows are often too low to accommodate the run. Read More →

Ninth Circuit Court Reverses Federal Decision on Suction Dredge

A high-level reversal of a federal court decision about suction dredging and other gold mining practices in Northern California has reinforced the efforts of the Karuk Tribe to protect fish and water quality in the area. Read More →

Willow Creek Fire Safe Day and Youth Ecology Fair Pictorial

The Willow Creek Fire Safe Council held their annual Fire Safe Day and Ecology Fair on Saturday, May 19 at Veteran's Park in Willow Creek. Read More →

USFS Claims ‘Jess Project’ Conditions are Associated with Severe Wild Fires

The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) plan to set up another round of treatments on 8,600 acres up the North Fork Salmon River has a familiar ring to locals who have watched the Timber Wars for the last four or five decades. Read More →

Six Rivers National Forest to Merge Orleans and Lower Trinity

The Six Rivers National Forest (SRNF) is positioning itself for a round of federal budget cuts by streamlining management of three of its five districts. The plan is to merge the Oreans/Ukonom districts with the Lower Trinity District—about 700,000 acres combined—under a single management unit by this summer. Read More →

USFS Changes Mushroom Harvesting Permit Policy

U.S. Forest Service Supervisor, Tyrone Kelley, said there will be a change to this year’s matsutake mushroom harvesting policy which only allowed the permit holder to gather. Read More →

Fun with Fish

HOOPA, CA – As the spring salmon begin their run to their spawning grounds in the Klamath and Trinity River Watersheds, the Klamath-Trinity Fish Fair made its 9th annual run in the rivers’ schools and communities. This year’s Fair, which was held on June 3rd at schools in Willow Creek, Hoopa, and Orleans, focused on the theme "Take only what you need." Read More →