Reclamation Releases More Water to Combat Fish Kill Parasite

After touring the Trinity and Klamath Rivers in early August, Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director, David Murillo (left), at the urging of scientists, tribes and activists, chose to allow more water to flow from the Trinity to prevent a catastrophic fish kill in the Klamath River. /Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune“This documented presence of ich before the flows arrived does fit the understanding that ich is basically just lurking there at undetectable levels until the right conditions come about and encourage it to spread and grow,” Strange said. “Things were definitely set up for another fish kill and the flows interrupted it, but not at the level that has completely prevented the parasite from getting a foothold and it appears to be on the rise as those flows are ending. Unfortunately, our full preventive flow recommendations were never met and the preseason run size forecast appears to have significantly under estimated the number of salmon coming back to the river this fall.” Read More →

VOICES: Praise for the Two Rivers Tribune

Living in Burnt Ranch, I tend to read the three papers that seem “local” to me. When I read the Two Rivers Tribune I feel inspired and proud to live on the Trinity. I’ve always enjoyed your paper, and I think it’s getting even better as time goes on. I especially liked Dawn Blake’s piece about the meaning of “Warrior”. It’s these types of intelligent and eloquent articles that remind me of the culturally rich region we live in. Never once have I felt I’ve wasted my time reading the TRT. Thanks for giving me this window into the world around me. Great Job! Read More →

Two Rivers Tribune to Increase Price of Weekly Newspaper

Beginning Aug. 10, 2010, the Two Rivers Tribune will begin charging 75 cents for newspapers at newsstands. Read More →

TRT Gains National Attention with ‘Hoopa-Style’ Census Ad

NAMcensus_standThe Hoopa Valley Tribe is no stranger to national recognition, but the community of Hoopa has certainly lacked its share of the spotlight with regards to positive media attention, until now. The year 2010 marks another U.S. Census count, and while there was a greater attempt this go-around in gaining support and participation from minority groups and those "forgotten" and "left out," for many Native American communities, the attempt seems lackluster. Read More →