Sanderson Wins 6th Boatnik Cup

Veteran racer Roger Sanderson of Hoopa piloted his (#B-200) hydroplane to back-to-back Boatnik wins to the claim the 59th Annual Tom Rice Memorial whitewater race on the Rogue River on Memorial Day in Grants Pass, Oregon./Photo by Ben Sanderson.Sanderson, 54, became the seventh driver in (CORRA) Cal-Ore River Racers Association history to repeat Boatnik wins. Sanderson won Boatnik Titles in 1993, 1995, 1997, 2007, 2016, and this year. Read More →

Worst Salmon Run on Record

TRT File PhotoThe total tribal allocation—which must be shared amongst the Hoopa and Yurok Tribes—is set at about 814 adult salmon. Typically the Yurok Tribe claims 80 percent of the harvest allocation and the Hoopa Tribe claims the remaining 20 percent. That’s about 650 fish for the Yurok Tribe and about 160 for the Hoopa Tribe. Read More →

12-Year-Old Girl Rescued From The Trinity River

Emergency personnel go the call just before 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. The youth was clinging to rocks on a cliff near Knight’s Park in Willow Creek. As crews began to respond, the victim fell into the river. At around 4:30 p.m. the victim was in an ambulance getting treatment on scene. Read More →

VOICES: Will Tribes Hinder the FERC Process For Klamath Dam Removal?

21-1klamathopedprotestphotoFor over a decade one of the main points of contention has been dam removal on the river. In the KBRA, signatory parties wanted California rate and taxpayers to cover the cost of dam removal for Pacificorp, the owner of JC Boyle, Copco 1, Copco 2, and Iron Gate dams. The KHSA was conditioned upon enactment of federal legislation, among other factors. That legislation clearly will not occur. Read More →

Reclamation Releases More Water to Combat Fish Kill Parasite

After touring the Trinity and Klamath Rivers in early August, Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director, David Murillo (left), at the urging of scientists, tribes and activists, chose to allow more water to flow from the Trinity to prevent a catastrophic fish kill in the Klamath River. /Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune“This documented presence of ich before the flows arrived does fit the understanding that ich is basically just lurking there at undetectable levels until the right conditions come about and encourage it to spread and grow,” Strange said. “Things were definitely set up for another fish kill and the flows interrupted it, but not at the level that has completely prevented the parasite from getting a foothold and it appears to be on the rise as those flows are ending. Unfortunately, our full preventive flow recommendations were never met and the preseason run size forecast appears to have significantly under estimated the number of salmon coming back to the river this fall.” Read More →

Local Drought Preparations Continue Despite Recent Rains

Communities in the Klamath-Trinity region are moving ahead with emergency drought plans despite the recent rains that sent much-needed water into local streams and reservoirs. Trinity Lake is holding 1,263,380 acre feet of water – around 52 percent of its total capacity – up by 5 percent from where it was just a month ago. Read More →

No Relief in Sight as California Begins Third Year of Drought

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) reported that snowfall and rainfall in many parts of California are putting the state on track to have “about the driest year on record.” Read More →

Drought and Expanding Marijuana Grows Paving Way for Repeat Fish Kill

Severe drought, desperate farmers, and migrating fish struggling to survive in the shallow, over-heated and fertilizer-laden waters of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers: almost all of the pieces are in place for a repeat of the 2002 fish kill. Read More →