Healing Families to Heal Communities

The Family Camp welcomed Hoopa, Karuk and Yurok Tribal families at Pookey’s Park in Hoopa from August 8 to 11. For four days, families camped out to embrace traditional culture and heal families and the community from drug and alcohol abuse. Read More →

Opinion (Tonya Bussell-Linderman-Hoopa, Calif.)

I am writing this as a concerned Tribal member. I have watched the membership continue to walk on a path of unhealthy lifestyles and it continues to get worse. We all have family that are involved in drugs in one way or another. We have members that want a change in our community but will not stand up for what they want, because they fear they will be ridiculed by those who don’t want change. Members complain about Tribal Police and how they don’t do anything about the drug dealers, but no one is willing to testify against them, because they will be threatened if they did. We continue to have babies born affected by drugs that their mothers and fathers did during conception and while pregnant and we wonder why our children are having issues. We have employees who continue to use drugs while being employed and nothing is said or done. Change is needed within our community. We have to stop turning our backs and looking the other way when we see things that should not be happening. Read More →