Fish and Fun

Elijah Portugal constructs and explains beaver dams to students of all ages at the 15th Annual Fish Fair.  The Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District (KTJUSD) Fish Fair was held at Hoopa Valley Elementary, Hoopa High School, Pookey’s Park, and lower Supply Creek on Friday, April 28. The opening ceremony at Hoopa Elementary was followed by a series of workshops throughout the day; “Insects in the Aquatic Food Web”, “Animal Adaptations”, “Water is Life”, “NW California Weather” to name a few. Read More →

Fun with Fish

HOOPA, CA – As the spring salmon begin their run to their spawning grounds in the Klamath and Trinity River Watersheds, the Klamath-Trinity Fish Fair made its 9th annual run in the rivers’ schools and communities. This year’s Fair, which was held on June 3rd at schools in Willow Creek, Hoopa, and Orleans, focused on the theme "Take only what you need." Read More →