Sudden Oak Death Confirmed in Trinity County

Sudden Oak Death (SOD) has been confirmed in Trinity County according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Phytophthora ramorum, the pathogen known to cause SOD, was first found by UC Cooperative Extension, Humboldt and Del Norte County personnel less than 600 yards over the Humboldt County line into Trinity County on an 80-acre Bureau of Land Management parcel adjacent to the Six Rivers National Forest. The nearest known infestation is 0.4 miles west in Humboldt County. Read More →

Hoopa Forestry Fighting to Stop Spread of Sudden Oak Death

Hoopa Tribal Forestry and UC Berkeley researchers are working to prevent the spread of an infestation of tree-killing spores which is now less than five miles from the boundary of the Hoopa Valley Reservation. Read More →

Sudden Oak Death Killing California Trees

    By SCOTTIE LEE MEYERS, Two Rivers Tribune Tanoak trees in California are dying. Their lesions bleed thick sap. Their thirsty-green foliage wither, suffocated by infected veins that can no longer deliver water and nutrients. Over one million oak and tanoak trees have died in California since 1994. First they started dying in the […] Read More →