VOICES: Sonny Hescock on Open Tribal Forum

I would like to see our Tribe get away from “Facebook” and get into a discussion forum where things are neutral. Not sharing our posts with everyone from the “outside world.” I believe that Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or whatever other social network out there where our people can vent their frustrations in a nonproductive manner should be banned from computers on our Tribe’s network. The words “social network” to me means that it is personal, and therefore has no place in our Tribe’s work environment. Read More →

VOICES: Tribe Needs an Open Forum to Discuss Issues

My name is Sonny Hescock. I have been an enrolled member of the Hupa Tribe for all of my 27 years on this earth. Just this morning, I spoke with a few other Tribal Members who agree with me that it is “utterly appalling that our elected officials are behaving like high schoolers.” These were one person’s words verbatim. It is evident that our Hupa People have opinions on the recent happenings at the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council. So I opened this forum on http://HupaTribe.yuku.com and started a few introductory topics. It is my wish that we can utilize this forum to open a dialogue among one another to identify our issues, work together to solve them, and hopefully accomplish our goals without all the vulgarity that we are seeing. Read More →