Bigfoot Tales

Cover art provided by Bigfoot One. Visit their website at Welcome to the Bigfoot Capital of the World. Klamath-Trinity communities love their furry friend of the forest so much that dozens of local businesses and products boast his name and likeness from the Bigfoot Burger at the Early Bird in Willow Creek to the larger-than-life metal sculpture in Happy Camp. Our community’s deep reverence for Bigfoot is steeped in a rich history of stories—personal accounts, legends, beliefs, investigation and mystery. Upon learning about the Bigfoot Festival planned by the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet, we cracked open our poorly organized vault of previously published Bigfoot stories and hand-picked a few of our favorites to share with you. The special edition is for sale now on eastern Humboldt newsstands. We couldn't fit all of what we wanted into the newspaper, so we're posting the overflow here. Read More →

Baseball Season Is Here!

Wilson Medina, Willow Creek Nationals 3rd baseman, fields a throw from the outfield during the Klamath Trinity Little League jamboree at Candystick last weekend. The jamboree was a huge success and had more participation and volunteerism in recent years for the KTLL.Klamath-Trinity Little League held their season opening jamboree in Willow Creek on Saturday, April 8. Players and fans converged at Candystick Park and Veteran's Park for sunny day of baseball./All Photos by Shelly Middleton. Read More →

Warriors Roll Past South Fork to Win League Title

The Hoopa Warriors came out in true form last Friday night (February 7, 2014) against the South Fork Cubs in front of an intensity-filled Mattz Gymnasium, collecting the victory, 70-50, and clenching the league title with an undefeated record of 5-0 (19-4 overall). Read More →

Magical Marlene: One Child’s Journey Through Cancer

When a hardship occurs in Hoopa, the news spreads like wildfire. So when young Marlene Jones was diagnosed with cancer back in 2008, it seemed the entire community knew. Read More →

Holding on to Hope

It’s been six long months since Willow Creek resident, Cody Conoboy,15, went missing following a short police pursuit in a stolen vehicle and yet his mother, Lynne Conoboy, hasn’t given up hope that her son is still alive. Read More →

Another Year, Another Change For KTJUSD

Each passing year seems to bring more changes to the Klamath-Trinity joint Unified School District (KTJUSD). In March, the KTJUSD Board of Trustees announced that they would be issuing administrative reassignment notifications to up to five positions within the district. Although no public announcement was made at the previous board meeting, all administrators received transfer notifications within the past month. Read More →