Settlement Checks Arrive in Hoopa Mailboxes

You could almost feel the excitement in the air on Monday, Dec. 17, as people crowded into the post office and the bank in downtown Hoopa to receive and cash their settlement checks. Arlene Doolittle smiled as she showed off the checks that she and her friends had just received. Read More →

Tribal Members File Petition on Settlement Money

A group of Hoopa tribal members gathered signatures over the weekend on a petition calling for a referendum vote to equally divide $49.2 million in trust fund settlement money among the tribe‚Äôs membership. Read More →

History of the Hoopa v. United States Lawsuit

The proposed final Settlement Agreement of a claim filed on Dec. 28, 2006 by the Hoopa Valley Tribe (Plaintiff) against the United States (Defendant) in the Court of Federal Claims was informally announced by the tribal council earlier this month. Long-time Counsel for the Tribe, Tom Schlosser, released details of the tentative agreement. Read More →