Salmon Run 2014 Begins May 30

This coming May, with a carved wooden salmon in hand, he, and hopefully many others who care about the Klamath, will embark on an epic 263 mile journey from the Mouth of the Klamath River to Klamath Falls, Oregon. “There are words, and words, and words, and nobody is actually doing something,” McAllister, who is a Karuk Tribal Councilmember, and Iraq War Veteran said. “This is our chance to go out and do something that says ‘this is what I support’ without actually having to say it.” Read More →

Salmon Run 2012

This year marked the 10th Annual Salmon Run, established in 2002 by high school students in response to the 2002 fish kill the annihilated 40-72,000 Chinook and Coho salmon. Since the start of the Salmon Run in 2002, people from all walks of life have come together annualy to support the cause by running in […] Read More →

Running for Salmon Renewal

The scientific and political fights to protect the revered salmon of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers mean little without the spiritual connection the people of these communities have with the fish. Nine years ago, four high school girls decided to symbolically take the salmon on the journey they were intended to travel as anadromous fish. Read More →