Shedding Light on Problems Along Highway 96

Rod Mendes, director of the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Office of Emergency Services said that over the next few weeks 14 streetlights will be repaired to improve safety in and around Downtown Hoopa. A concurrent project will improve lighting near local business to deter crime./Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune A grand total of 14 lights will be installed along the highway and scattered throughout downtown business areas, lighting up parking lots and buildings. Hoopa residents will soon see more lighting in front of Ray’s Food Place, Lucky Bear Casino (LBC), and the Hoopa Tribal Museum. There will also be 12 speed bumps placed strategically throughout this parking lot. Read More →

National Weather Service Signal Now Available on a Radio Near You

In a groundbreaking collaboration between state, federal and tribal government agencies, the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) recently launched the National Weather Service radio signal in eastern Humboldt County. Read More →

Hoopa Valley Tribe Swears in New Board and Committee Members

Elizabeth Turner, Marcellene Norton, and Rod Mendes raised their hands and recited an oath as they were sworn in on Monday, Dec. 17, 2012. Turner will join the Board at the Hoopa Development Fund, while Norton and Mendes join the K’ima:w Medical Center Board. Read More →

Tribal Council Organizing a Force to Help Protect Reservation Lands and People

Office of Emergency Services (OES) Director Rod Mendes has been put charge of organizing a new force to help protect the Hoopa Valley Reservation. Read More →

Klamath-Trinity Little League Brings Together 200 Youth

A fourth-grader pitches the ball trying with all his might to get a strike. Believe it or not, it does happen from time to time. But, most of the time, if a player makes it to first base it’s because he walked there after four bad pitches. Read More →

Hoopa’s OES Makes Giant Strides to Prepare for Disasters

In 2005, the Hoopa Valley Tribe recognized the need for a full-time emergency manager to develop plans and preparedness issues in the aftermath of 9/11 and ensuing mandates from the Department of Homeland Security... Read More →

OES Sponsors Fire Safety Training for Contractors

The Hoopa Office of Emergency Services (OES), in collaboration with the Hoopa Wildland Fire Department, led a workshop on March 25 entitled Fireline Safety Awareness. All vendors who contract with federal agencies, CalFire, U.S. Forest Service, or any federal wildland fire agancy to help fight wildland fires locally, regionally, and nationally, are required to take the training each year in order to establish or continue their eligibility to contract. According to OES Director Rod Mendes, 43 contractors participated Read More →

BIA Fire Officials Visit Hoopa to Discuss Budget and Collaboration Strategies

With fire season getting into full swing, the Hoopa Valley Tribe welcomed a high profile guest to the valley to discuss the fire season and the arson taskforce, which Hoopa is a part of. Read More →