Mountain Voices

Grandfather's Magic Fiery clouds float in a bright blue sky Setting sun reflects like a neon sign Storm a rumbling in the east Getting darker all the time Rumbling thunder overhead Lightening flashes, treetops shine Rain comes down in a pouring flood Ground is a soft and slippery mud Soon it passes; all is still […] Read More →

Driving North from Oakland, across the San Rafael Bridge, through Novato, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Cloverdale where lumber trucks growl, t-shirts replace suits. Then family names-Ukiah, Chitaka, Miti, Bu-shay, Pomo, Hoopa- and I breathe again heading home on winding ribbon roads. My life is this simple. I slough off city skin, replace it with soft […] Read More →

New York Poet Leads Local Poetry Workshop

Renowned poet George G. Wallace shares some of his poetry at an all-day poetry workshop he led on Saturday. / Photo courtesy of Tamara Jenkinson.Studio 299, an Artists Guild founded and based in Burnt Ranch and active in the Willow Creek area, recently sponsored an all-day Poetry Workshop led by George G. Wallace of New York. Read More →