A River Runs Through Us

The Karuk Tribe and two other Orleans-based groups invited their neighbors last week for an update on the condition of the Klamath River and also to share a supper of venison stew. It was preaching to the faithful and to newcomers alike. More than 100 people attended. Read More →

Karuk Charity Run Inspires Youth

Before the sun had yet started a new day, Karuk Council member Crispen King McAllister began an arduous run that would span over the entirety of the Karuk Ancestral territory. McAllister began the over 230 mile run in Orleans (also known as the village of Panamnik) on March 17 and ran up Highway 96 through the town of Happy Camp. From Happy Camp he continued on to Karuk housing in the town of Yreka. From there he turned around and returned to Orleans on March 21. Read More →

Opinions (Ithivthaneen Aachip Aarar Ak Panamniik-Orleans, Calif.)

I dont believe Karuk religion belongs on Facebook, Twitter, or the Hupa paper, it belongs in a Karuk mens house. That being said Norman and Leaf didn’t dictate the Panamniik action. It was dictated by Panamniik Karuks who have been feeling disrespected by this family for the past few years and when asked not to hold this annual Brush Dance they wouldn’t take no for an answer even though the Panamniik and Happy Camp Brush Dances were canceled because 3 families of recently deceased Karuks asked for that. But, we’re supposed to heal sick rislings every fathers day? If Gary or Viola had a sick family member they should spread the word up and down the river and I bet that alot of us would come to their aid in the village where the child was ill, And, if a Panamniik child is ill maybe we will invite their family to come here and pray. I just don’t believe that Brush Dances should be as annual as an all-indian tourney. Read More →

Cultural Controversy in Orleans

The wire turned out to be a fence, put up by a group of workers from the Karuk Tribe’s Natural Resources Department and it’s no secret that Leaf Hillman and Norman Goodwin, sanctioned the installment of the fence. Read More →

Karuk Basketweavers Gathering Scheduled for Weekend

Laura Sanders BasketryThe Karuk People’s Center is hosting the 7th Annual Spring Karuk Basket Weavers Gathering on April 23-25. Read More →