‘Owhwhe: Libraries are the Heart of Every Community

There’s a bookmark in the library that says: “Libraries [are] the heart of every community.” I‘ve believed this about libraries since my first job in a library nearly fifty years ago. That was in a Massachusetts city’s neighborhood Irish immigrant people which was transitioning to Puerto Rican immigrant people. It was the commitment of the small branch library staff to know our people, the cultures they represented and the books they read. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m Reading)

How wonderful it is to see that high mountain snow beginning to collect for our watersheds this coming year. We have seen some pretty hefty rainfall some days down by the rivers and a few slides, but mostly we’ve been able to get around and have time for trips to the coast and for some holiday gatherings and preparations for more celebrations. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m Reading)

      By Kristin Freeman, Kim Yerton Memorial Library This week finds all of the people in the valley preparing for Sovereign Day events and celebrations beginning with the elders' dinner on Thursday and ending Saturday evening with stick game tournament at Hostler Ranch stick field, and a barbecue and rodeo. The wonderful blue […] Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m Reading)

Again and again we are reminded what a wonderful place on earth on which we live, here in the valleys and mountains along the Trinity and Klamath rivers. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m Reading)

Warm summer days….time for visits to the swimming hole or pool and then to sit in the shade and sip a cool drink and read a good book. All the pieces form a summer day here in the river valleys. Summer Reading club has just passed the middle day and we're heading down the homestretch with the finish line being the first day of school. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (6/29/10)

Summer Reading Club for the young folks in our area got a wonderful beginning the last two weeks. From the Kick-Off Party that had a full house of over 70 people at KYML to hear Paul Woodland tell stories after which Beth Trees taught the first craft class of the SRC to the many parents who came in to sign their children up for the program and to get library cards for those students who do not yet have a card. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: August 25, 2009

We are having beautiful late summer days with sun and warm days with the bookend cool mornings and evenings. These are, next to spring days, my favorite time of year here in the river valleys. Read More →