VOICES: Maori Healing Techniques Brought to River People

I believe the Maori Healing methods are the closest methods to our own on this continent and we can learn from them, eventually finding our own Traditional Healing methods. We have been hosting these events through the non-profit, The Indigenous Youth Foundation assisted by small grants and fundraising. Funds are raised so that community members can freely come for a healing. Nobody is turned away. Elders, children—everyone is welcome to learn from the Maori Healers. All we ask is for gifts and offerings for the Healers, as they have traveled a long way to bring their Traditional Healing to us. Read More →

Community Focus on School Meal Program

Parents and school district staff are looking at more ways to deliver healthy and nutritious food to students in the Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District (KTJUSD). Read More →

Teens Organize Campaign Against Whippets

A group of Yurok youth organized research that culminated with a tribal ordinance that, if passed, would ban the sale and use of CO2 and nitrous oxide (N2O) cartridges on the Yurok Reservation. They hope the Hoopa Tribe will consider passing a similar law. Read More →