Good Ole’ Boys Part 2

Gabriel is no stranger to riding on the wrong side of law, but this Yurok/Rosebud Sioux Lakota decided to hang up the wrong war bonnet and move on to live a productive life. There’s a different path set out for him. Read More →

Marching with a Message

After three days of group activities in Pookey’s Park, participants from the Family Camp marched through Hoopa to push for a clean, drug-free community on Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012. Read More →

Fixin’ Up Hoopa: A Community’s Struggle with Addiction – Part 1

He snorted his first line of dope when he was 15. He remembers the day. He ran with the older boys, and they tried to look out for him by refusing to rail him up. They told him “you better not.” But it wasn’t long before his “bros” caved to his curiosity. Nor was it long before he stopped snorting, and started shooting his poison. He spent the next 21 years incarcerated or on the run, battling an addiction that swept his youth away like powder in the wind. Read More →

Off-Duty Officer Spots Stolen Vehicle, Arrests a Top 10 Wanted Fugitive

An off-duty Hoopa Tribal Police officer spotted this stolen vehicle, an older model GMC truck, that was reported stolen the day prior from a residence in Willow Creek, on Loop Road in Hoopa. / Photo by Shelly Middleton, Two Rivers Tribune.A joint effort between the Hoopa Tribal Police Department and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department led to the arrest of one of Hoopa’s most wanted criminals and the recovery of a recent stolen vehicle and property owned by the Hoopa Valley Tribe. Read More →