VOICES: Maymi Preston-Donahue

Ayukii! I want to thank all who joined in or taught with the Native parenting classes that I helped organize with the Karuk Tribe’s Food Security department. The classes were part of my community project for the Masters in Social Work program at HSU. Read More →

Sworn to Serve

Karl NortonPromotions: Jason Benge – Compliance Officer, Andre Hale – Animal Control Facilities, Manager, Mark Peterson – Investigator, Jennifer Turner – Investigator, Natalie McCall – Senior Dispatcher, Chelsey Camilli – Correctional Corporal, Samantha Sintic – Correctional Corporal. Read More →

Fired Up Over Fire Preparedness

Kevin McConnell, Alme Allen, Monte Leffers, Boyd Ferris, Deacon Ferris, Keoki Burbank, Paul Allen, Jude Marshal and Nancy Bailey. Not pictured: Chris Root, Eric Nelson, Breeze Shea, Jared Wilder, Joshua Saxon-Whitcrane, Kade Whitecrane, Ben Saxon, Roberta Coragliotti, Tom Bouse, Will Harling, Monte Leffers, Cynthia Gerard, Laura Fenton, Penny Eckert, David Eckert, Skip Lowry, Kate Lowry, Brock Luedthe, Sill Beckman, and Tommy Horn./Photo courtesy of Maymi Preston-DonahueA combination of volunteer efforts, quick thinking on the part of locals, the important efforts of wildland firefighters, and the safely cleared out yard of the first house on the row helped to save this first batch of houses from near destruction. Read More →

VOICES: Employers Asked to Support Breastfeeding Mothers

As a modern and educated woman, I want it all. I want a career and I also want a family and I do not feel that this is a far-fetched dream to aspire to. I recently had a baby which opened my awareness to just how difficult it is in this area to have children and a career. Firstly, there are the usual issues of few childcare choices, a lack of jobs, and long commutes to work that we have to deal with. However, what surprised me most was the lack of flexibility that existed within the tribes towards allowing a mother to provide her child with the basic necessities of nutrition. I am talking about breastfeeding. Read More →

How to Help Your Child do Well in School

It’s back to school time! We send our children to school for a lot of reasons (the law being one major factor), but what are you doing to help your kids be successful in school besides buying them school clothes and getting them on the bus every day? After school programs, sports, and other extracurricular activities are all very important in making your child a well-rounded and well prepared individual for college, the world, and for themselves and their communities. Read More →

Let’s Move! In Indian Country

Karuk Councilmember, Crispin McAllister hopes the eight teenagers he led to Washington D.C. earlier this month will be inspired to do great things in their lives and for their communities. Read More →

Karuk Charity Run Inspires Youth

Before the sun had yet started a new day, Karuk Council member Crispen King McAllister began an arduous run that would span over the entirety of the Karuk Ancestral territory. McAllister began the over 230 mile run in Orleans (also known as the village of Panamnik) on March 17 and ran up Highway 96 through the town of Happy Camp. From Happy Camp he continued on to Karuk housing in the town of Yreka. From there he turned around and returned to Orleans on March 21. Read More →