Orphan Cub Finds Home Plate for the Holidays

Web 4  An orphaned bear cub decided to go to school today. The cub climbed up the fence behind home plate on the High School boy’s baseball field on Highway 96. Hoopa Valley Tribal Forestry wildlife biologist Mark Higley said the cub likely wandered down from the nearby mountains in search of food and became frightened. […] Read More →

Tribal Researchers Help Write Book on Fishers

Hoopa Tribal Forestry researchers spent years studying fishers, and even helped write the book on fisher conservation as part of an international effort to understand the small creatures and their cousins, martens and sables. Read More →

Fight for Survival

A rare carnivorous mammal, studied intensively in some Northwest public forests, including Hoopa, is being inadvertently poisoned by illegal marijuana grows according to a study released Friday in PlosOne, a scientific journal. Read More →