VOICES: It’s Time to Move

I write in response to the Times-Standard article, “DOJ says Indian tribes can grow and sell marijuana” (Dec. 12, 2014), the North Coast Journal article, “The Revolution Starts Here” (12/11/14), and in anticipation of the TRT’s coverage of this issue. The Department of Justice decision that tribes can grow and sell cannabis as long as they follow the same federal conditions as laid out for states that have legalized cannabis is truly a game changer for Indian tribes and a tremendous economic opportunity for our tribal citizens. I was disappointed in the knee jerk responses from the Hoopa and Yurok leadership, without giving a second thought to the economic opportunity that the tribes have been presented with. Because of this response, I have submitted to the Election Board a petition that states: Read More →

Constitutional Rights in Question

So my question is this, how does a family lose their home, i.e., get evicted from their HUD home after 24 years of residence, and with only one year left to pay before they owned it outright, for criminal activity when no one has been convicted of a crime? Read More →

Hoopa Tribe Files Points and Authorities in Case Against Former Chairman

Although the tribe prevailed in the Oct. 20 final judgment rendered by Judge M.K. Tescher, Jr. pro tem to the Tribal Court, the issue of damages, or what the tribe believes is owed to them by Marshall, is just now beginning to take shape... Read More →

Tribal Court Rules in Favor of Hoopa Valley Tribal Council in Marshall Case

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Court entered a judgment in the matter of Hoopa Valley Tribal Council vs. Clifford Lyle Marshall on Oct. 20. The court found that Marshall was not entitled to a severance check on June 17, 2009. The court has not yet determined damages in the case. The judgment was rendered by M. K. Tescher, Jr., judge pro tem to the tribal court. Read More →

Election Results Are in, Commercial Fishing is Out

Hoopa Valley tribal member Norma McAdams exited the election booth at Tribal Chambers Tuesday afternoon and said the election felt like good versus evil. "We will either go down from here or start building," she said. Read More →