Comic-Con: It’s Like Christmas in July

Comic book nerds and sci-fi geeks everywhere rejoice each year as the International Comic-Con event rolls into San Diego. For many it’s a pilgrimage from all parts of the globe, an opportunity to bask in the glow of their favorite crime fighters and villains. But even if you’re not a self-proclaimed comic book junkie, you’re sure to find something or someone of interest at this epic superhero wonderland. Read More →

Refreshing Waterfall

16-32WaterfallDowdjpgVisitors to the area can take advantages of the many waterfalls and plentiful places along the mountainous terrain offering a cool place to sit and relax. This waterfall is located on Dowd Road -- between Hoopa and Weitchpec --heading northbound on the east side of Bald Hill in Hoopa. / Photo copyright Loren Lavine. Read More →