Shake up for K’ima:w Medical Center Board

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council voted on Monday, March 24, to advertise and interview for all positions on K’ima:w Medical Center’s (KMC) Board. Chairperson Danielle Vigil-Masten advised current K’ima:w Board members that they would remain in place until the positions were filled. Read More →

Hoopa Valley Tribal Court and K’ima:w Medical Center Receive $1.3 Million

The Hoopa Valley Tribe will receive a huge budget boost that will arrive in the shape of $1.3 million dollar grant; just in time to help the struggling tribal budget. Read More →

K’ima:w Medical Center Debuts New Program

Do you need help with relationship issues? Are you suffering from abuse from your intimate partner and don’t know where to seek help? Read More →

OPINION: Pain Pills Create Addicts

After reading the article’s over the past several months concerning meth dealers, meth users, what this does to the human body, your family, your friends, and life in general, and of all the deaths that have been related to meth who would want this? Read More →

A Matter of Life and Death

The Willow Creek ambulance is provided by the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s K’ima:w Medical Center (KMC). The ambulance service is headquartered in Hoopa but spans out as far as Somes Bar and Pecwan, Burnt Ranch and Berry Summit. Recent budget cutbacks have forced KMC to look for alternatives to closing the doors.  Full story in the […] Read More →

Think Pink

K’ima:w Medical Center staff, in Hoopa, celebrates October Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink as part of a national campaign for breast cancer awareness.  / Photo by MaryLou Marshall. Read More →

One Sight Program-A Resounding Success

The One Sight Program held for nine days from March 14 – 25 at the Hoopa Valley High School was a resounding success. Although final figures for the number of adults and children seen and the total amount of eyeglasses prescribed and delivered to local residents in the Klamath-Trinity area are still not available, best estimates are 1,000 children and 396 adults participated. Even those who did not need glasses received thorough eye exams. Read More →

River Ducks Improving Patient Care

Recently returned from three days at the national IPC conference in Denver, Dr. Emmett Chase, lead physician for the IPC project, took some time to talk enthusiastically about exciting changes taking place, or that are in the works at Hoopa’s K’ima:w Medical Center. Chase, RN Kay Singh, Medical Director, Dr. Eva Smith, EHR Director, Emmanuel Yennyemb, and Medical Records Director, Paula Gray attended the meeting with approximately 400 other participants from across the country. Read More →