Housing Authority Chairman: Zero Tolerance Policy Needs Teeth

Less than a month after the Hoopa Tribal Council proclaimed a zero tolerance policy against methamphetamines, heroin, and illegal sales of prescription drugs, community members called for even tougher anti-drug enforcement measures. Read More →

Hoopa Talks Drugs and Tough Topics at Crowded Community Meeting

“We need to look at ways to get to the root of the problem. What’s putting our people in the system? The system is broken,” Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairwoman, Danielle Vigil-Masten said in her introductory remarks. “…It has become the norm to think it’s okay to break the law. But in our culture, there was no part for it. It never existed. There is no place in our basket for it. It all comes down to choices. For every choice there is a consequence.” Read More →

Community Addresses Drugs, Theft, and Law Enforcement in the Hoopa Valley

Every city and town carries its own baggage that materializes into a reputation. Hoopa is no different. Over the years the negative attention brought to Hoopa has left the community’s positive attributes in the shadows. Read More →

Opinions (Klamath-Trinity Anti-Drug Coalition)

  Dear Two Rivers Tribune,    The KTAC organization is taking a stand AGAINST the Petition circulating to Repeal the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s Marijuana Cultivation Suppression Ordinance Title 34. "PLEASE - do not sign this petition!" There are so many reasons not to sign it. First of all, the Hoopa Valley is already dealing with […] Read More →