A River Runs Through Us

The Karuk Tribe and two other Orleans-based groups invited their neighbors last week for an update on the condition of the Klamath River and also to share a supper of venison stew. It was preaching to the faithful and to newcomers alike. More than 100 people attended. Read More →

Shasta River Deal Struck

The agreement comes less than 10 months after the Karuk Tribe and environmental group Klamath Riverkeeper filed suit against Montague Water Conservation District (MWCD), which operates Dwinnell Dam and supplies water to farmers in the Shasta Valley. Read More →

Coho Salmon Win Big

On April 20, a San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled against the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) for issuing permits allowing diversion of water from the Shasta and Scott Rivers for irrigation for farmers who grow hay. Both rivers are tributaries of the Klamath River. In the court’s opinion, CDFG failed to adequately consider the harm caused to federally protected coho salmon by the diversions that have often resulted in the rivers running dry during summer months. Read More →