Residents Voice Concerns About Klamath River Dams

More than 20 Orleans area residents expressed their concerns about the dams on the Klamath River at a scoping meeting before California Water Resources Control Board officials last week. All of the speakers said they want the dams removed./Photo by Leslie Lollich, TRT Contributor.An ex Yurok and Karuk water scientist stood up to put on record that “spring Chinook have been suffering since conquest.” He also reminded the water board that the dams would only rightly be considered point source polluters, since, removal of the dams would release accumulated mercury sludge. Pointing out that the dams were a genocidal project, he set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Read More →

VOICES-Opinion of Felice Pace of Klamath, Calif.

I agree with PacifiCorp VP and chief PR man Dean Brockbank who in the January 22nd TRT wrote: “Everyone owes it to those who are impacted by this issue (dam removal) and trying to sort out its complexities to responsibly stick to the facts.” That’s why I can’t understand how Mr. Brockbank could have also written in that same letter:“The liability protection described in the KHSA would only protect the company and its customers from impacts related to the actions of others in carrying out the dam removal process itself.” Read More →

Hoopa Woman Delivers Message About Indigenous Water Rights at World Water Forum

It was no surprise that the Bureau of Reclamation would have a table at the World Water Forum. The event, this year in Marseilles, France, was really a gathering for many of globalism’s biggest corporations and the BOR was there to parade their operation of 366 dams across the U.S. Read More →

Environmental Groups Host Forum to Better Educate the Public About Klamath Settlements

A teach-in held in Eureka last week supported removal of the lowest four dams on the Klamath River but questioned some of the related agreements and draft legislation that is partnered with the elimination of the dams. Eighty people attended the event, billed as “Klamath in the Balance,” and the main presenters highlighted that the agreements might weaken Tribal water and fishing rights and fail to protect the upper basin wetlands while guaranteeing water for farmers and not for fish. Read More →

PacifiCorp Continues to Pollute With Permission

PacifiCorp is on deck to receive yet another abeyance of its California Clean Water section 401 certification today at the State Water Resources Control Board meeting in Sacramento further delaying the power producer’s obligation to reduce its pollution of the Klamath River. Read More →

Klamath Dam Removal Studies Meeting in Orleans

ORLEANS—The crowd attending the update meeting on Klamath River dam removal studies recently was not large but they were all steeped in the subject and many held intense and differing opinions. It was no surprise, then, that the small number of state and federal scientists and agency types who hosted the meeting operated with the caution of a crew defusing a bomb. Read More →