Shake up for K’ima:w Medical Center Board

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council voted on Monday, March 24, to advertise and interview for all positions on K’ima:w Medical Center’s (KMC) Board. Chairperson Danielle Vigil-Masten advised current K’ima:w Board members that they would remain in place until the positions were filled. Read More →

Expansion of Medi-Cal a Welcome Budget Boost for K’ima:w Medical Center

From its location on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, a square 12 miles on each side, K’ima:w’ s ambulance service is the only lifeline for people spread throughout hundreds of miles of forests and mountains and where the nearest hospital can be more than an hour or two away. Read More →

Hoopa Valley Tribal Court and K’ima:w Medical Center Receive $1.3 Million

The Hoopa Valley Tribe will receive a huge budget boost that will arrive in the shape of $1.3 million dollar grant; just in time to help the struggling tribal budget. Read More →

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

K'ima:w Medical Center in Hoopa held their first annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk last weekend on May 4, 2013. The walk was dedicated to Ruthie McCovey-McCurdy and Jodi Moon. Read More →

K’ima:w Medical Center Debuts New Program

Do you need help with relationship issues? Are you suffering from abuse from your intimate partner and don’t know where to seek help? Read More →

Tribal Employees and Former Councilmember File Injunction on Council Action

A group of employees from the Hoopa Tribe’s Division of Human Services, along with a former tribal councilmember, filed a restraining order against the tribal council on Friday, November 2. Read More →

Willow Creek Ambulance Service Hangs in the Balance

From Willow Creek, the nearest hospital is a 39 mile drive one-way on an unpredictable road laden with ice during the winter season and road construction during the summer months. Read More →

Influenza Shots Being Offered Locally

In Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Branch has made extra efforts this year to ensure everyone who wants a flu shot gets one Read More →