Chalk it up for Books

23-23 Chalk it up for books-Lucky Bear CasinoEach year, the library lends its sidewalk to community artists who are commissioned by sponsors who purchase space on the sidewalk. The library raised $910 this year. The money will be used to purchase items that are not included in their annual budget; books, craft supplies and more. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: Hoopa’s Public Library Has More Than Just Books

There are many aspects of reading books that appeal to me. Books engage all the senses, except for taste (unless of course the reading is of cook books…). There is often beautiful cover art to see. With picture books for youngers, the visual art can be quite stunning through all the pages. A peculiar trait of mine is that I enjoy the sound of the turning page or the tiny thrill of ruffling the pages rapidly. Books have a particular heft and feel as they are handled which adds to the resonant sound of a closing volume. Read More →

Hats off to the Library

The Friends of the Kim Yerton Memorial Library in Hoopa held their annual Chalk it up for Books fundraising event on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Members of the community enjoyed the sunshiny day while they created chalk art on the sidewalk in front of the library. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m reading)

The ability to read is a passport to the acquisition of knowledge, a world of possibilities and accomplishment of basic tasks. In a recent class visit to the library, we listed the various basics for which reading is useful: reading menus, maps, equipment instructions (i.e. a stereo), road signs. We can learn to play the guitar, build a deck, repair a car, cook a recipe. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (5/15/12)

I kept my fingers crossed for weeks as I checked the daily weather forecasts and on May 5, I woke up to a clear sunny sky. I was so delighted for all of us to enjoy a day in the sun, listening to music provided by KIDE 91.3, snacking on fruit provided by the K’ima:w Diabetes Program, and drawing on the sidewalk! Read More →

‘Owhwhe (1/10/12)

Through the school year, the Kim Yerton Memorial Library features the Share A Story reading program. This event occurs on the second Wednesday of every month from 4-6pm. The program is co-sponsored by KEET TV’s Ready to Learn Service and First 5 Humboldt. Read More →

Friends of KYML Seeking Help for Upcoming Chalk It Up For Books Event

The Friends of the Kim Yerton Memorial Library are preparing for the 10th annual Chalk It Up For Books Event scheduled for May 7. The Friends are seeking sponsorship for squares, artists to design those squares, and volunteers for the event. Over the past decade, the event has been one of the biggest fundraising events for the library, bringing the community together and providing entertainment to the Klamath-Trinity region. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m Reading)

The annual holiday bazaar was another successful public event for the Friends of the Kim Yerton Library. They spoke with countless folks from the community and told them about the library and invited them not only to visit the library but to purchase a ticket for the raffle of 11 holiday gift baskets; the winners were selected by a drawing after 2 pm. Six baskets were claimed by folks still at the Neighborhood Facility, and the five other winners have been called and they will come to KYML this week and take home their treasures. Read More →