Get Ready For More Community Radio

New federal rules for low power FM (LPFM) licenses could soon open the way for more community-based radio stations across the country. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (5/15/12)

I kept my fingers crossed for weeks as I checked the daily weather forecasts and on May 5, I woke up to a clear sunny sky. I was so delighted for all of us to enjoy a day in the sun, listening to music provided by KIDE 91.3, snacking on fruit provided by the K’ima:w Diabetes Program, and drawing on the sidewalk! Read More →

Groovecycles on the Airwaves

For 20 years Michael Heminger worked with radio stations in California, Oregon, and Washington. He now volunteers at Hoopa’s local radio station KIDE where he has his own radio program, Groovecycles, which airs every Friday from 1-4 pm. Read More →

Op-Ed-Media is a Sovereign Right (Joseph Orozco)

The state of public broadcasting at the vote of Congress could end Native Radio has we know it and seriously delay future growth. It appears that the Public Telecommunication Facilities Program, PTFP, the agency that funds 75% of the construction of new stations could be zeroed out this year. Thirty plus new Native radio licensees were expecting PTFP funds in the next two years. Tribal governments should be taking a stand. We need a strategy to demand Congress to fund Native owned and operated community broadcasting by another means besides through CPB. Read More →

Buffy Sainte-Marie to Rock Humboldt

According to her online biography, Sainte-Marie disappeared from the mainstream American airwaves during the Lyndon Johnson years. Her name was included on a White House memo listing musicians whose music "deserved to be suppressed," and radio airplay disappeared. She was even told by a talk show host that Native issues and the peace movement had become unfashionable and to limit her comments to celebrity chat. Read More →

KIDE-FM to Air 14-Week Series on Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Beginning Sept. 13 through the month of December, KIDE-FM 91.3 radio will be airing a 14- week series focusing on aspects of health, nutrition, and fitness entitled "Taking Charge of Your Health." The series is based on Dr. Kelly Traver and Betty Kelly Sargent,'s book, The Program: The Brain-Smart Approach to the Healthiest You. Read More →