TRT Movie Review: Over Troubled Waters

Over Troubled Waters is a documentary released this summer, and it’s about two things: the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, and planned multibillion-dollar water transfer project that threatens the Delta. With it making its rounds in film festivals and premieres throughout the state, I was able to make a packed premiere in Stockton. Read More →

Money Talks

Facebook could be the next tool used to teach the Hupa language, the struggling Athabascan tongue that goes deeper in description than English ever could. Read More →

Running for Salmon Renewal

The scientific and political fights to protect the revered salmon of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers mean little without the spiritual connection the people of these communities have with the fish. Nine years ago, four high school girls decided to symbolically take the salmon on the journey they were intended to travel as anadromous fish. Read More →