Warrior Institute Nurtures Healthy Minds, Bodies and Spirits

The Warrior Institute launched another farming project this season after a handshake with property owner, Byron Nelson opened about five acres of prime farm land to opportunity. The farm features a creatively designed herb garden, about 100 different crops ranging from tomatoes to kale, salvaged wood from the lumber mill and several eye-catching scarecrows visible from Highway 96 near Hostler Field./Photo by Allie Hostler, TRT contributor.With the help of his family and team, the visionary and leader of the Warrior Institute, Joseph Marshall, is nurturing his dream to awaken a new generation of youth leaders one step at a time. Each year since its launch in 2011, the Warrior Institute expands its various programs to empower people to cultivate healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Read More →

Inter-Tribal Warriors Gather For Rafting Trip On Smith River

The Warrior Institute sponsored a rafting trip for local tribal youth on the Smith River./Photo by Thomas Dunklin.The water was so clear it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the river began. Every rock and pebble was visible beneath the surface and sunlit mountains shrouded in darks forests towered above the river. The roar of rapids echoed off the canyon walls, as did the sound of laughter and the call of paddling commands. A line of seven colorful rafts came into view, filled with paddlers wearing broad smiles as they navigated the enchanting waters of the Smith River. Read More →

Reclamation Releases More Water to Combat Fish Kill Parasite

After touring the Trinity and Klamath Rivers in early August, Bureau of Reclamation Regional Director, David Murillo (left), at the urging of scientists, tribes and activists, chose to allow more water to flow from the Trinity to prevent a catastrophic fish kill in the Klamath River. /Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers Tribune“This documented presence of ich before the flows arrived does fit the understanding that ich is basically just lurking there at undetectable levels until the right conditions come about and encourage it to spread and grow,” Strange said. “Things were definitely set up for another fish kill and the flows interrupted it, but not at the level that has completely prevented the parasite from getting a foothold and it appears to be on the rise as those flows are ending. Unfortunately, our full preventive flow recommendations were never met and the preseason run size forecast appears to have significantly under estimated the number of salmon coming back to the river this fall.” Read More →

Op-Ed (Drinking Fluoridated Water is Harmful)

I want to set the facts straight about the serious health hazards of drinking fluoridated water. The recent article on the Hoopa Tribe’s policy of fluoridating the community’s water supply failed to accurately present the documented harm from ingesting fluoridated water. Read More →

How to Reduce Effects of Radiation Exposure (Part II)

The nuclear disaster in Japan continues to unfold, and as of April 26 2011, the highest levels of radiation yet measured were recorded at Fukushima and there is still no end in sight. Levels of radioactive isotopes continue to rise in milk samples and have been detected in a growing variety of crops on the West Coast. Unfortunately, no testing is being done on the Northcoast with the exception of an EPA RAD-Net air monitoring station in Eureka and local seaweed testing undertaken by the Yurok Tribe with preliminary results indicating very low to non-detectable amounts of radioactive isotopes. Read More →