Inter-Tribal Warriors Gather For Rafting Trip On Smith River

The Warrior Institute sponsored a rafting trip for local tribal youth on the Smith River./Photo by Thomas Dunklin.The water was so clear it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the river began. Every rock and pebble was visible beneath the surface and sunlit mountains shrouded in darks forests towered above the river. The roar of rapids echoed off the canyon walls, as did the sound of laughter and the call of paddling commands. A line of seven colorful rafts came into view, filled with paddlers wearing broad smiles as they navigated the enchanting waters of the Smith River. Read More →

Op-Ed (Drinking Fluoridated Water is Harmful)

I want to set the facts straight about the serious health hazards of drinking fluoridated water. The recent article on the Hoopa Tribe’s policy of fluoridating the community’s water supply failed to accurately present the documented harm from ingesting fluoridated water. Read More →

How to Reduce Effects of Radiation Exposure (Part II)

The nuclear disaster in Japan continues to unfold, and as of April 26 2011, the highest levels of radiation yet measured were recorded at Fukushima and there is still no end in sight. Levels of radioactive isotopes continue to rise in milk samples and have been detected in a growing variety of crops on the West Coast. Unfortunately, no testing is being done on the Northcoast with the exception of an EPA RAD-Net air monitoring station in Eureka and local seaweed testing undertaken by the Yurok Tribe with preliminary results indicating very low to non-detectable amounts of radioactive isotopes. Read More →