Opinion: Joseph Orozco

Regarding the June 2016 General Election Ballot, I believe the language allowed in the presentation of amendments needs to be upgraded. I am not saying any violation has been made, but rather the presentation of these amendments, I feel, is improper. Our standards, I feel, need to be raised. I believe the Election Board could have made a fairer interpretation of our Constitution and Bylaws, and our Election Ordinance. Perhaps our official governing documents need to be revised to define fairer standards. I know the Election Board cannot make these changes alone. I just want to bring my opinion to your attention. Read More →

VOICES: How Well Am I Driving? Opinion by Joseph Orozco

How well am I driving? Have you ever seen that bumper sticker on big rigs? Have you ever called the number? Would you join a group of local community people to give feedback to KIDE? Then join the CAB? What is a Community Advisory Board? Read More →

VOICES: Joseph Orozco on the Asphalt Plant

Is there a signed contract between the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council and the Tide Water Asphalt Company and its owners that holds the tribe liable for financial, personal, medical, mechanical, environmental damages due to the operation of or the prevention of the operation of the Tide Water asphalt project? If so, ask to read it. Read More →

VOICES: Joseph Orozco on Carbon Credits

I’ve been pondering the Carbon Credit deal with thoughts about investing in any industry where some “income” is proposed from a resource. Put any name to this you like. The “Carbon Credit” deal is offering us $40 million over four years that holds us under a 100 year contract. (Read the fine print carefully. What is our attorneys’ advice?) A fact; BP Oil must pay a fine regardless. They can pay us or someone else for carbon credits or pay the State. Read More →

Voices: Opinion of Joseph Orozco

A point of clarification: Tribal Chairperson, Danielle Vigil-Masten said at last Wednesday’s employee meeting regarding possible furlough days, “..it is not the council’s doing, it is the federal government.” It is not solely the federal government’s fault either. Place the major blame on the Congressional/Tea Party members and other non-congressional Tea Party supporters. Blame those members of the financial 1 percent. Read More →

VOICES-Opinion of Joseph Orozco

Meeting to invest: I finally set up a meeting date, place and time to start discussions about how we want to improve the quality of life in the Hoopa Valley. Monday, March 11 at 6pm please join me and others for a Turkey dinner and potluck. The main course, turkey, coffee and hot water is provided. Please bring a side dish and/or desserts. The Tsewenaldin Inn Conference Room is the place. The first investment we make is our time, thoughts and engagement in open discussions. Read More →

VOICES: Opinion by Joseph Orozco

Hoopa Community Foundation Update: I have been in contact with the Humboldt Area Foundation, the North Coast Small Business Development Council, the Economic Department of Humboldt State University and the Seventh Generation Fund. They each gave me names of people who may be of facilitation help. They all think this is an exciting project. A small number of tribal members have said they are interested. Read More →

VOICES-Opinion by Joseph Orozco, Hoopa

As I wrote before, I’ll get back to you about my suggestion to Invest in the Community. We each received $10,000. We all have needs and plans for our money. It is the Holiday season. Some people have strong ties to the seasonal giving spirit. Read More →