‘Owhwhe: Finding the Good Ones

And then with patience, the good one comes. I am reading “Dance House” by Joseph Marshall III, of the Rosebud Indian Reservation of the Sioux. These are stories of life on the Plains, the land of wandering people. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: Calling Young Writers, Get Published!

The library is sponsoring a call for entries of stories and poems to put in an anthology of writings by young adults from the Hoopa area (ages 13 – 21). There are poets and storytellers among this age group. It is time to speak up and out to tell the stories. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: I’m Reading

Well I just returned from a trip to Africa. The thing that is great about the trip is that I did not have to leave my home in Hoopa to get there. I did not have to cram myself into too narrow seats, or get confused by confusing signs. I just borrowed a book from the library and away I flew to a continent I always wanted to see. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: Libraries are the Heart of Every Community

There’s a bookmark in the library that says: “Libraries [are] the heart of every community.” I‘ve believed this about libraries since my first job in a library nearly fifty years ago. That was in a Massachusetts city’s neighborhood Irish immigrant people which was transitioning to Puerto Rican immigrant people. It was the commitment of the small branch library staff to know our people, the cultures they represented and the books they read. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: Hoopa’s Public Library Has More Than Just Books

There are many aspects of reading books that appeal to me. Books engage all the senses, except for taste (unless of course the reading is of cook books…). There is often beautiful cover art to see. With picture books for youngers, the visual art can be quite stunning through all the pages. A peculiar trait of mine is that I enjoy the sound of the turning page or the tiny thrill of ruffling the pages rapidly. Books have a particular heft and feel as they are handled which adds to the resonant sound of a closing volume. Read More →

‘Owhwhe: I’m Reading “Blasphemy”

For quite a while I have intended to read Sherman Alexie’s writing. He wrote the screenplay for the movie Smoke Signals. I have watched the movie many times. The story incites laughter, tears and recognition. He is a prolific writer of novels, short stories and poetry. The schools in the Hoopa Valley include his writings as part of reading curricula. Read More →