‘Owhwhe: Hoopa’s Public Library Has More Than Just Books

One of my neighbors has created new names for what I do at the library. One is “Book Lady”. I am pretty sure, if memory serves, this is the first time in my increasingly long life anyone has called me a lady. The moniker serves to remind me that much of this column and my responsibility at the library is concerned with books. I encourage people to read books. Reading has bountiful benefits. Read More →

‘Owhwhe (I’m reading)

The ability to read is a passport to the acquisition of knowledge, a world of possibilities and accomplishment of basic tasks. In a recent class visit to the library, we listed the various basics for which reading is useful: reading menus, maps, equipment instructions (i.e. a stereo), road signs. We can learn to play the guitar, build a deck, repair a car, cook a recipe. Read More →