Bald Hill Three Fire Burns Fast and Hot

The Bald Hill Three Fire was started by heavy equipment on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation on Friday afternoon. On Monday the fire was 85 percent contained and expected to be extinguished by Wednesday. Several families were evacuated from their homes on Friday and able to return the following day. No homes were lost./Photo by Allie Hostler, Two Rivers TribuneBy RHONDA BIGOVICH, Two Rivers Tribune On Friday, Sept. 12, at around 3pm, an accidental fire was lit by a piece of heavy equipment at a Bald Hill logging site. A diesel engine caught fire and quickly created a catastrophe for Bald Hill residents, some of whom were ordered to evacuate their residence. The Bald […] Read More →

Hoopa Forestry Chips Away at Backlog of Burning Despite Controversy

Log, brush, burn, plant trees. Sounds simple, but the process to reforest timber harvested portions of the Hoopa Valley Reservation is much more complicated, especially when politics are involved. Bad blood between Hoopa Tribal Forestry and the Hoopa Wildland Fire Department stretches back decades and doesn’t seem to have a preference for management or political leadership. Read More →

Hoopa Fire Develops Its Own Backyard for Community’s Use

The Hoopa Wildland Fire Department crews don’t sit around in their "free" time. This fall, crews returning from the Texas wildfires have been working on a particular community improvement project that is bound to serve many needs. Read More →

Fire Investigators Arrive in River Communities

Since 2008 the state agency’s presence in the region has dropped arson rates by about 50 percent in Hoopa, but usually Cal-Fire’s investigators are on the scene by the month of May. This year is an "anomaly" according to the supervisor of the fire prevention and law enforcement unit of the Humboldt-Del Norte division of Cal-Fire, Jeremy Monroe. Read More →