Earth Day Comes Early to Hoopa

The Community Garden was the site of lots of earth-friendly activities, with dozens of booths manned by everyone from gardening advisors to the Hoopa Tribal Environmental Protection Agency (TEPA), on Friday, April 18. Read More →

Hoopa Community Corps Helps Rebuild Alaskan Villages After Flood

Hoopa AmeriCorps and Tribal Civilian Community Corps members rushed north when disaster struck villages along the Yukon River in Central Alaska to help survivors. Ice jams on the Yukon River in Central Alaska sent water pouring over the riverbanks and into towns and villages along a 1,200 mile long stretch of the river. Read More →

TCCC Volunteers Get Pep Talk from President Obama

“We interrupt this phone call,” a woman’s voice said over the phone. “The President of the United States is on the line. Mr. Obama…” Read More →