Hoopa Elementary School Prohibits Cell Phone Use On Campus

cell_phone_ban_lifted“We’ve had some students using phones to instigate fights,” Wyant said. “We’ve also had situations where students have videoed others without their permission and videos have been posted on social media.” Read More →

VOICES: School Violence and Cell Phones

There has been an alarming trend at Hoopa Elementary School in the last couple of weeks involving inappropriate cell phone use and violence. All parents should be aware so they can talk to their children, and prepare them for an incident in case one occurs. The following are just two examples that are true and happened recently. Read More →

Wizard of Oz Lands in Hoopa

Hundreds of Hoopa Elementary School students dressed up in costumes, learned their lines, and went up on stage for a production of the Wizard of Oz on Friday, November 22. Read More →

10th Annual Fish Fair: We Are a Part of This Land

A few short months before the Klamath Fish Kill of 2002, teachers at Hoopa Elementary School organized a community event in hopes of bringing awareness and a sense of stewardship to their students and their families. Read More →

School Bullying

Bullies are everywhere. It is estimated that 160,000 students in America skip school each day out of fear that they will be physically or verbally abused by their school mates. Read More →

Teacher Honored with Stagecoach Legacy Award

A typical day in his sixth grade classroom at Hoopa Elementary school begins with a discussion about current events... Read More →

Fun with Fish

HOOPA, CA – As the spring salmon begin their run to their spawning grounds in the Klamath and Trinity River Watersheds, the Klamath-Trinity Fish Fair made its 9th annual run in the rivers’ schools and communities. This year’s Fair, which was held on June 3rd at schools in Willow Creek, Hoopa, and Orleans, focused on the theme "Take only what you need." Read More →

Rabid Fox Found at Hoopa Elementary School

In the wake of the recent event at Hoopa Elementary School, where a rabid fox was put down last week, we at Hoopa Wildlife are obliged to speak to this issue. We encourage local residents to be aware of rabies risks in order to illuminate those risks for the safety of humans, local wildlife, and domestic animal populations. Read More →