Humboldt County Moves to Supplement Hoopa Ambulance with $200,000

Faced with the imminent closure of one of K’ima:w Medical Center’s two ambulance bases, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors agreed to provide $200,000 to help keep two fully-staffed ambulances operating in Eastern Humboldt. Read More →

K’ima:w Ambulance Facing $470,000 budget Shortfall

K’ima:w Medical Center provides ambulance service to rural communities and hundreds of miles of national forest in eastern Humboldt County and western Trinity County and is facing a budget shortfall of $470,000 this year. Read More →

Hoopa Tribe Funds Regional Emergency Services

K’ima:w Medical Center’s ambulance service is the only lifeline for a lot of people in an area where the nearest hospital can be more than an hour or two away. Andy Kinniman, an emergency medical technician (EMT), said they handle everything from over-the-bank and white water rescues to delivering babies. Read More →

Willow Creek Ambulance Service Hangs in the Balance

From Willow Creek, the nearest hospital is a 39 mile drive one-way on an unpredictable road laden with ice during the winter season and road construction during the summer months. Read More →