Update on Hwy 96 Paving and Construction In Hoopa

Local residents have voiced concerns about the current road conditions on Highway 96 in Hoopa. Many sections of the highway currently have grooved pavement, and contain several drops (bumps)./Photo by Teresa Mitchell, Two Rivers Tribune.“We’ve listened to the concerns of local residents and have instructed the contractor to apply cold mix to some of the ramps in the project area in order to make transitions smoother for motorists. That was done Wednesday. The project at hand has included unanticipated challenges: The asphalt plant the contractor utilized for materials encountered delays in production which pushed the completion date beyond summer, and then inclement weather conditions have pushed the completion date back even further. We understand that conditions have not been ideal and as community members ourselves, we know how frustrating this can be. We will continue to fine-tune our collaborative efforts with our contractors. We look forward to continuing collaboration with the community and tribe to enhance safety and traveling comfort,” Myles Cochrane, Public Information Officer for Caltrans said. Read More →

Active Slide on Highway 96

Highway 96 between Hoopa and Willow Creek has been reduced to one-way controlled traffic since mid January due to an active rock and mud slide. The Tish Tang slide is near the Tish Tang Campground near the Hoopa Reservation boundary. Read More →

Slides Cause Closures and Delays on Highways 96 and 299

A rock slide on State Route 96 caused a road closure between Hoopa and Willow Creek near Tish Tang on Thursday, January 28.A rock slide on State Route 96 caused a road closure between Hoopa and Willow Creek near Tish Tang on Thursday, January 28. Read More →

Deadly Roads

Although hardly scientific, on Monday, November 24, the Two Rivers Tribune observed pedestrian traffic at 2 pm in downtown Hoopa. Within five minutes 10 pedestrians were counted within a 200-foot radius of the Hoopa Mini-Mart, half of whom crossed the highway without using either of the two crosswalks. One pedestrian was observed using the crosswalk. Hoopa, Karuk and Yurok lands amount to less than 25 percent of Humboldt County’s total land mass, but these areas were the site of 33 percent of all traffic related fatalities in 2009, and over 50 percent of the county’s fatalities in 2008. Read More →

Route 96 Opened to One-Way Controlled Traffic

Caltrans announced last week that Highway 96 near the Siskiyou/Humboldt County line is now opened to one-way controlled traffic from 7:30 am to 6 pm. Read More →