Opinions (Nick Dedini-Hoopa Elementary School)

Dear Two Rivers Tribune, Thank you for the article on the inclusion classrooms. I enjoyed reading it, and I hope that it helps people understand the model in a way that we should have at the outset. While I agree that it would be great if the model allowed some students to leave special ed, […] Read More →

Upstart Hoopa Track and Field an Instant Success

After a four- year stretch without having a track and field team Hoopa Elementary school decided it was time to revive the athletics program. Coaches Sarah Elle and Jeff Landry are seeing positive results. Since track is a new program for this generation of children it would be the first year any of the children would be taking part in track and field. Jeff Landry says the goal of the program is to get the Children College bound and give them aspirations when looking toward the future. Read More →

Hoopa Elementary School 2010 Promotion Ceremony

The Hoopa Elementary School 8th grade class celebrates after being named the graduating class of 2010. / Photo by Shelly Middleton, Two Rivers Tribune.~Hoopa Elementary School 2010 Promotion Ceremony~     Read More →