Community Members Gather in Hoopa to Tackle Drug Abuse Issues

Recently, a number of community members have stepped up to do something about the out of control drug problem in Hoopa. Lola Henry, director of the Hoopa Head Start program and the driving force behind the Klamath-Trinity Healthy Community Coalition (KTHCC) sums it up in three words, "We’ve had enough." Read More →

The Underground (Battle of the Bands II)

battleofthebandsIIWell, after some delay, Battle of the Bands finally opened, letting the local music scene from Humboldt county show us what it could do. First prize was a custom dean donated by Fortuna music, along with a trophy, two more gigs, a trophy and a cash prize. Read More →

Mother Dearest

Mother’s Day, a day devoted to honoring our dearest parent, to thank her for putting up with years of shenanigans, for enduring the trials of birth, and for not locking us in the closet during our bratty toddler years. We bring her breakfast in bed, and even the moody parent hating teenagers procure a card and pick up the house. Because she deserves it, a one day reprieve from an otherwise insane 364 days a year of mommy things. She can kick back, take off her shoes, and giggle while her husband struggles--and fails--at working the desperately complicated and laughably archaic vacuum cleaner. Every year we honor our mothers, so why then do we forget Mother Earth? Read More →