Tips From the Potting Bench: Soil Temps and Timing

Timing is everything so just how do you tell when to do what? One way is by the calendar. Generally speaking the USDA says our last average frost date for spring is April 15. Now, average last frost date is not the last frost date though it does give us a good benchmark to plan by. Dates on a calendar can be fickle though so in addition to knowing the average last frost date there is another, more surefire way to know if conditions in your garden are right for sowing or transplanting certain seeds and plants. Read More →

Tips From The Potting Bench: Tomatoes

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the increase in bird population lately? It is a veritable symphony around here starting at about 4am and lasting well into the evening. I can’t help but think of that Happy Days episode where Fonzi and the gang go camping and Fonzi can’t get to sleep because of all the forest critter chatter. And in a classic Fonzi move he gets up and yells Ayyyyy! And they all quiet down. Ok, so you had to be there! In any event I sure am liking all the bird song. I wonder if the weather has kept them around longer than usual? Read More →