Tips From the Potting Bench: Get Your Garden On!

Here we are, already at the half way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Technically that would be February 2, or as we have come to celebrate it, Ground Hog Day. This day actually has as many names as there are cultures around the world for every culture marks these special days. Even if you didn’t know that little tidbit of information I bet you feel it. Read More →

Tips From the Potting Bench: Jot it Down

With solstice right around the corner we are fast approaching the winter season, the garden is all but put to bed except for those hardy veggies that can fend for themselves through the short days and long cold nights of winter. If you were on it you got carrots, beets, turnips, rutabagas, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels’s sprouts and other assorted leafy greens planted back in July or early August. The garlic and onions are planted and mulched so except for going out to harvest something for dinner it’s time for a little rest and lots of garden dreaming. Read More →

Tips from the Potting Bench

It has finally rained enough to wake the old creek that is our property’s northern border. With more rain to come, our gardening activities are limited to inside work. That means one of two things, sitting down with seed catalogs or browsing them online, dreaming and scheming about this year’s garden, or starting seeds. I’ll leave the dreaming and scheming to you, so let’s talk about seed starting. Read More →

Tips From the Potting Bench (When to Plant?)

The weather this spring sure has us guessing about when to plant what. The big question here at the nursery is always, "Do you think it’s okay to plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers now?" Read More →

Tips from the Potting Bench (Giant Tomatoes)

The fascination with growing giant vegetables never gets old. Whether it’s giant pumpkins, zucchini or tomatoes some of us are driven to see just how big we can get our favorite veggie to grow. Read More →

Tips from the Potting Bench (Growing for the Bees)

We hope you all took advantage of the nice weather this past week end to get out into the garden. While you were out there did you see any bees? There are about 1,600 species that are native to California. This week I’d like to talk about ways to attract these industrious and most helpful of insects to our yards. Read More →