River Activists and Tribes Prepare For Water Board Public Hearings in Orleans, Arcata and Yreka

Former Hoopa Valley Tribal Council Member, Hayley Hutt shown outside of the California Water Resources Control Board Meeting in Sacramento on  July 17, 2012, where the Hoopa Tribe has continually asked the Water Board to stop stalling the 401 Clean Water Certification process for PacifiCorp. The Hoopa Valley Tribe has argued that stalling the 401 certification process only buys PacifCorp more without being accoutnable for the poor water quality conditions their dams cause on the Klamath River./TRT file photo. The schedule includes a meeting Thursday, January 14, in Sacramento, then meetings in Arcata on Monday, January 25, and in Orleans and Yreka, both on Tuesday, January 26. The Orleans session is an add-on requested by the Karuk Tribe in their effort to encourage more input from people in the river communities. It is a step in the process open to both scientists and to locals who may want to make sure the Water Board does not overlook any issue dam opponents consider important. Read More →

Siskiyou County Calls for FERC Action on Klamath Dams

Dam removal on the Klamath River is stalled and opponents of the Klamath Settlements are pushing to speed up water quality improvements on the ailing river. Read More →

Hoopa Tribe Demands Action on Klamath River

The Hoopa Valley Tribe is growing impatient with continued delays to improve water quality and fish passage conditions on the Klamath River. After more delays were confirmed, the Tribe recently filed a petition with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission asking the agency to proceed with licensing PacifiCorp’s Klamath dams. Read More →