Marching with a Message

After three days of group activities in Pookey’s Park, participants from the Family Camp marched through Hoopa to push for a clean, drug-free community on Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012. Read More →

Health Front (Drug Companies Prepare for New Narcotic Arms Race)

Four pharmaceutical companies have been working to develop 100 percent pure forms of hydrocodone... Read More →

Whatever it Takes

Since the moment he took out his papers to run for Hoopa Tribal Chairman, Leonard ‘Elrod’ Masten guaranteed the people change. And at the top of his list was dealing with the on-going and ever increasing abuse of drugs and alcohol on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. Read More →

CAMP Eradicates 14,000 Plants

It’s that time of year again… If there’s one thing Humboldt County is known for, it is marijuana. Cultivation of the popular illegal drug has plagued the county for decades, with each community being affected by its presence. Read More →