River Activists Visit Amazon Villages

The Brazil trip was an eye-opener as well for the seven locals who just returned from their travels there. It was their political statement of unity that would link the South American villagers with there own efforts to remove four dams from the Klamath River. One of them, Mahlija Florendo, is a 16-year-old junior at Hoopa High. She said she traveled before with family to Mexico, Canada and even France, but those were just vacations. Read More →

Hoopa Woman Delivers Message About Indigenous Water Rights at World Water Forum

It was no surprise that the Bureau of Reclamation would have a table at the World Water Forum. The event, this year in Marseilles, France, was really a gathering for many of globalism’s biggest corporations and the BOR was there to parade their operation of 366 dams across the U.S. Read More →

Sign On, or Off

Dania Rose Colegrove, Hoopa Tribal member, completes a banner that was floated aloft by a huge helium balloon at the Yreka dam removal hearings last week. Colegrove is an organizer with the Klamath Justice Coalition. Federal studies show that dam removal will create more jobs than it ends. / Photo by Malcolm Terence. Read More →

Op-Ed (Dania Rose Colegrove-Commercial Fishing)

Thank you to all the Hoopa Tribal members that helped out and signed the petition to get the Commercial Fishing issue and question on the Hoopa Valley Tribal General Election ballot. Remember to VOTE NO on commercial fishing on Tuesday, June 21, 2011. We believe commercial fishing is not compatible with the cultural and environmental traditions of the Hoopa Valley People. We want to protect our river for cultural and subsistence purposes only! We do not approve of the harvesting of salmon for sale for individual financial gain without regard to the subsistence and cultural ways of the Hupa people. We believe in order to preserve our way of life in the Hupa way we need to protect our environment, our river, and our fish. Read More →