Opinion-Masten Family

Dear Editor, The Masten Family would like to thank you, Dave and Cuddles Drake for your hospitality and comforting words of condolence in the premature deaths of Lila Hall-Carlson and Cassandra Perry. Your kindness and love for both girls is not only evident but it is also timeless. Thank you and your family for your […] Read More →

Opinion-Family of Lila Hall and Cassandra Perry

Dear Editor, To everyone who supported our family following the deaths of Lila Hall and Cassandra Perry, we offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation. Everyone who contributed prayers, flowers, food, financial support and manpower, we cannot say thank you enough. From those who were with us on the mountain, to those who helped with the […] Read More →

~2011 JJ Rodeo, Hoopa Ca~

The annual JJ Rodeo was held on Friday, August 12, 2011 in Hoopa, CA. Read More →